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Dział: Języki obce

'Used to' - positive and negative form. Scenariusz lekcji języka angielskiego

Lesson plan - Used to - positive and negative form.


• To guide the students to an understanding of used to + infinitive for habits or states in the past which are no longer true or have changed
• To provide enough practice so the students are able to use the structure used to+ infinitive to talk about themselves.

1. Lead-in - context building

Context - a comparison of the teacher ( me) as a young girl - appearances, habits, likes or dislikes- and the same teacher(me) today.

Teacher shows a photo of a young girl.

T: Guess, who is this? When was this ? Teacher is pointing to the photo.

T: This is me. When I was a student I used to have short hair.

Teacher checks the understanding by asking concept questions.

T : Is this photo of me now or in the past?

T: Is my hair short or long now?

Teacher says the model structure again (in bold), points to the picture and asks student to repeat chorally. When I was a student I used to have short hair.

2. Elicitation

After presenting the model structure the teacher tries to make students produce similar structures. Students have to repeat chorally or individually. But first, teacher elicits the names of the verbs from the flashcards. Next, teacher writes on the board:

When I was a student .... These days....

Teacher puts flashcards under the headings to elicit the sentences:

I used to ride a bike. I drive a car.
I used to exercise a lot . I bake cookies.
I used ride a horse. I do some gardening.
I used to build things. I talk on the phone.
I used to wear jeans. I wear trousers.
I used to study. I teach.

Teacher corrects mistakes if occur. Teacher checks understanding of the meaning asking concept questions.

T: Did I ride a bike when I was young? Ss : Yes
T: Do I bake cookies these days? Ss : Yes
T: When did I exercise a lot? Ss: When you were a student.
T: Did I ride a horse only once? Ss: No, many times.
T: Did I wear trousers when I was a student ? Ss: No
T: Did I teach when I was a student? Ss: No

3. Explanation

Teacher tells students that the structure used to + infinitive describes a habit or state in the past that has finished.
Teacher writes down the structure and underlines used to + infinitive in each sentence.

• When I was younger I used to have short hair. These days I have long hair.

The negative form forms did not ( didn’t) use to + infinitive .

Teacher explains that in the negative form of used to short form is commonly used.

• When my sister was younger she didn’t use to exercise. These days she is crazy about spot.

Teacher gives more examples with all personal pronouns.

You ride a bike.
He used to / didn’t use to drive a car.
She exercise.
It bake cookies.
You used to / didn’t use to wear jeans..
They wear trousers.

Students copy them into their notebooks.

4. Accurate production ( practice under teacher’s control)

Teacher gives students 2 flashcards at random. Using these flashcards each student makes two sentences: positive and negative. Teacher gives the first example. Students are controlled and if needed corrected.

5. Immediate creativity.

Teacher distributes a written exercise with used to. Students do the exercise when they finish they swap their sheets with partners. Now students have to say what their friends used to do or didn’t use to do in the past.

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