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Numer: 3797
Dział: Ankiety

Ankieta służąca zbadaniu głównych czynników wpływających na naukę języka angielskiego

The main factors influencing English language learning - a questionaire.



1.Your place of living:
a) city
b) country

2.Where do you use a computer? (tick all the possibilities)
a) at home
b) at school or in a different place (e.g. internet cafe)
c) I never use it

3.Grades you gain are for your parents:
a) not important
b) important
c) very important

4.Your parents’ education:

Education Your father Your mother
A Elementary
B Secondary
C Higher

5.At home:
a) you have got your own room, where you do your homework
b) you only have your own desk or a place in a living room
c) you do not have any permanent place to do your homework

6.Your biggest difficulties in learning are:
a) you cannot encourage yourself to study
b) lack of time
c) you need to follow sb’s instructions all the time
d) memorization problems
e) you know the theory but you do not know how to use it
f) it is difficult to make a statement and pass on information
g) you cannot concentrate
h) you do not have appropriate learning conditions

7.You think that:
a) learning is the best way to achieve success in the future.
b) everyone should learn as much and as long as possible.
c) the only thing that matters is to get through to the next year.
d) there are more interesting things to do than learning.
e) luck in life depends on learning results only to some extent.

8.What additional sources do you use when you learn English?
a) only coursebooks
b) school library
c) internet
d) tutor’s help

9.How do you estimate your English knowledge?
a) complete lack of knowledge
b) weak
c) enough
d) good
e) very good

10.How many hours a week shoud be spent on learning English?

11.How many hours a week do you spend on learning English?

12.Your possibilities to use English outside the school:
a) accidental
b) travels
c) Internet, emails
d) other possibilities ........................................
e) none

13.Do you feel the need to learn English?
a) yes
b) no

14.Why do you learn English?
a) because it is a compulsory subject
b) because it enhances my chances to find a good job
c) because it gives me a lot of satisfaction
d) because I want to understand TV programmes, films, etc.
e) because my parents want me to do it
f)other reasons ..............................

15.How do you estimate English language in terms of difficulty?
a) easy
b) average
c) difficult
d) very difficult

16.Your gender:
a) male
b) female

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