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Present Simple or Present Continuous - exercises (pre-intermediate)

Exercise 1. Choose the correct answer.

1. Sarah .................. in Paris.
a) doesn’t lives
b) ‘s living
c) doesn’t live
2. They.....................in the lake now.
a) swim
b) is swimming
c) are swimming
3. You ......... remember my name.
a) don’t
b) doesn’t
c) aren’t
4. Listen. Somebody.......................
a) is shouting
b) shout
c) shouts
5. Sally never............... sweets before dinner.
a) eat
b) eats
c) is eating
6. How often .................. your grandma?
a) you visit
b) do you visit
c) are you visiting
7. We ............... tennis now. It’s raining!
a) playing
b) don’t play
c) aren’t playing
8. Oh no! Why..................my diary?
a) you read
b) you reading
c) are you reading
9. ......... Jessica go to school by bus?
a) Is
b) Do
c) Does
10. ...... we going to school by bus today?
a) Are
b) Do
c) Does

Exercise 2. Put verbs in brackets in the correct form of Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1.George_________(live) in Paris but at the moment he ______________(study) in London.
2.Tony usually__________(play) basketball with his friends at the weekend, but this Sunday they_______________(go) to the swimming pool.
3.Kate often ______________(stay) at work late, but today she ___________(leave) early.
4.Susan_____________(clean) her house on Sundays.
5.Diana______________(finish) her work at 5 and _________(go) home, but tonight she _________________(have) dinner with her workmates.
6.Vegetarians are people who_____________(not/eat) meat.
7.Look out! Someone_______________(come).
8.My parents ________________(not/work) in the garden today. They ____________ (paint) the house.
9.Kate_______________(water) the plants every afternoon in the summer.
10.What time_____________________(you/go) to bed on Mondays?
11.Don’t ask Tania! She________________(not/know) the answer.
12.We____________________(have) lunch at the moment.
13.Who_______________(sit) next to you now?
14.Listen! Someone ________________ (play) the piano.
15.Joy and Lisa usually _______________(go) out at weekends but tonight they ____________ (watch) a film at home.

Exercise 3. Circle the correct answer.

1.I am doing my homework at the moment/ at the weekend.
2.Polly and Molly are going to the theatre every Monday/ tonight.
3.Linda has English classes on Tuesdays/ now.
4.Does Lucy usually/ now go to bed late at the weekend?
5.Sometimes/ At the moment Tom is working in his office.
6.Billy goes to the swimming pool on Fridays/ tonight.
7.Hanah always/ at the moment starts school at 8 o’clock.
8.John doesn’t eat breakfast today/ before school.
9.They aren’t studying in their room now/ at night.
10.Henry never/ today drinks alcohol.

Exercise 4. Correct the mistakes.

1.Anne swimming in the river now. ____________________________________________
2.We don’t never eat meat. ___________________________________________________
3.Does Emily and Susan live in Scotland? _______________________________________
4.Is she dance with Peter now? ________________________________________________
5.He isn’t spend his holidays in Egypt every year. _________________________________
6.I am clean my room at the moment. ___________________________________________
7.You isn’t sitting on my chair now. ___________________________________________
8.Does Tom always buys bread in this shop? _____________________________________
9.Peter studyes German at school. _____________________________________________
10.She doesn’t drinks coffee very often. __________________________________________

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