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Numer: 23350
Dział: Języki obce

Tematy maturalne język angielski

1. What is your best friend like?
2. What character traits does your best friend have?
3. Describe your siblings or your friend.
4. What clothes do you like wearing most?
5. What are your hobbies?
6. Where would you like to live – in a city or in the country?
7. Describe your favourite room in your house.
8. Do you like the place where you live? Why/Why not?
9. What would you like to change in your neighbourhood?
10. What do you dislike about your school or teachers?
11. What should the perfect teacher be like?
12. What is your least favourite subject at school? Why?
13. How do you prepare for tests or exams?
14. How would you like to earn your living in the future?
15. What should an ideal employee be like?
16. Would you like to work on your own or for a large company? Why?
17. Do you usually work during the summer holidays? Why/Why not?
18. How do you spend your free time?
19. Who do you meet on special occasions?
20. How often do your family members gather?
21. What is your favourite religious celebration? Why?
22. What’s your attitude to advertisements and commercials?
 23. Should all nuclear power plants be closed down?
24. Do you support legalizing some less harmful drugs? 25. Does in your opinion travel broaden the mind? 
26.Can violence on television affect people’s behaviour? 
27. Can the death penalty deter criminals from committing crimes? 28. Is generation gap inevitable? 29. Do you believe in horoscopes or star signs? 30. Can our date of birth influence our character?
31. Would you ever consider having plastic surgery? Why? Why not??
32. Is private education better than state education? Why?
33. Why do so many people in the modern world become workaholics? 34. Retirement should be made compulsory for everyone at the age of 60. Discuss.
35. Having a happy family and personal life is more important than a successful career. 
36. What are the benefits of visiting museums and art galleries? 37. How is modern technology changing society and human behavior?
38. School exams and tests be banned? Why?
39. What can be done to reduce or prevent crime and hooliganism? 40. Teenagers don’t respect any values and authorities. Do you agree? 41. What is the main source of satisfaction and happiness in your life?

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