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Dział: Języki obce

Snow White - przedstawienie

Przedstawienie 'Snow White' w wersji angielskiej z podziałem na role.
W trakcie inscenizacji warto równocześnie wystawić polską wersję przestawienia.

Snow White and the seven Dwarves

N: A well known story of a princess, a prince, dwarves, a hunter and ....cosmetics. There are many people in the story but who can count them. Though, it’s popular, you will listen because no one will tell it, like we do- Polish children.

Queen: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful of them all?

Mirror: You, my Queen, are beautiful as a rose it’s true. But, Snow White is even more beautiful than you.

Queen: No!! Quickly, call for the Hunter!

Hunter: Here I come, what are your orders my Queen?

Queen: Go to the forest, find Snow White and take her cosmetics.

Hunter: I can’t take them away. I won’t hurt her and I’ll just leave her in the forest. I let the Queen know that everything is done.

N: The Hunter takes Snow White into the woods and leaves her there alone without cosmetics.

Snow White: I’m all alone in the forest. I don’t know what to do.

Deer: Don’t worry my child, you’re not here alone. I give you a hair spray.

Owl: I’ll take care of you at night and I give you extra eye-shadows.

Hare: I’ll give you a carrot lipstick.

Squirrel: And I’ll give you make-up pads.

Animals: Snow White don’t worry, be happy. Snow White don’t worry, be happy.

Squirrel: There’s a house over that hill. Few dwarves live there. The Hare will show you the way.

Snow White: Thank you very much my little friends.

N: Then she begins to run and soon she sees a house and goes inside.

Snow White: What a small, beautiful house. There are seven chairs, seven cups, seven plates and seven beds. I’m so sleepy and tired. Oh, there’s a mirror and make-up pads.

N: When Snow White is assleep, you can hear a joyful song far away.

Dwarves: Heigh-ho, heigh-ho. It’s home from work we go.

N:The dwarves go into their house and see Snow White sleeping.

D1: Who is it without make-up? Blee

D2: How come without make-up?

D3: Why?

D4: Why has she got no make-up?

D5: How ugly she is without make-up.

D6: But look, she’s really beautiful.

D7: Shhh not so loud, you’ll wake her up. Let her sleep, later she’ll tell us everything.

N: When Snow White wakes up, she tells the Dwarves her story. After that, the oldest Dwarf decides.

D7: Snow White, you’ll stay with us. We’ll help you with your make-up.

Snow White: Thank you very much. I’ll keep everything clean, cook and make-up for you.

D1: But don’t clean up too much.You can’t look like a Queen.

D2: Just a little.

D3: We like make-up and messy hair.

D4: And when it’s a bit messy, too.

D5: So be careful.

D6: Hmm, how awesome it is.

N: Meanwhile, the Hunter comes back to the castle and tells the Queen that cosmetics were taken away. The queen looks again in the morror.

Queen: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in this land is the most beautiful of all?

Mirror: You, my Queen, are beautiful it’s true. But Snow White, beyond the mountanis with the seven Dwarves is still thousand times more beautiful than you.
Queen: Now, I understand...the Hunter deceived me.

N: The Queen goes into her secret room and makes up a plan. She dresses as an old woman and goes to the dwarves’ house with a basket of apples.

Queen: Hello, my child. I’m tired, can you give me a glass of water please?

Snow White: Of course. Here you are.

Queen: Thank you for your kidness. Have a taste of this delicious apple and put some lipstick on.

N: A beautiful but poisoned apple. As Snow White eats the apple, she falls to the ground dead.

Queen: Ha, ha, ha. White as snow, red as blood, black as ebony wood. Goodbye Snow White!
Ha, ha, ha.

N: Meanwhile, the Dwarves come home and find Snow White lying on the ground.

Dwarves: Heigh-ho, heigh-ho. It’s home from work we go.

D1: Oh no!

D2: What’s this?

D3: Is she dead?

D4: Why is it?

D5: Why?

D6: Who put such an ugly make-up?

D7: Shhh, she was for us like a sister. We have to bury her.

N: The Dwarves lay her on a bed of straw, sit next to her and cry for few days. One day a prince enters these woods. He sees the coffin with beautiful Snow White in it.

Prince: Why are you crying? What has happened?

D7: Our Princess is dead.
N: Then, the Prince comes closer to Snow White and sends her a ‘kiss’ sms as her make-up was undone.

Snow White: What happened? Who are you? Ohh, I’ve got the sms ‘k-o-ch-am c-i-ę’ What’s this?

D7: Shh it’s love, but it’s not the right love.....

N: because you should, learn languages at school.

N: Rozumiecie?

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