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Dział: Języki obce

To teach or not to teach a foreign language through games?

Games are one of the techniques used by a teacher in the classroom. Games are very important in the process of teaching a foreign language because of psychological, sociological, educational and mathematical aspect of a game itself. It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of games, but the usefullness of games was mentioned in the 17th century by Jan Amos Komensky. He proposed using games in order to enhance the motivation of the students and suggested making the process of learning/teaching easy, enjoyable and attractive.
However, through the passing years there had been many discussions on teaching; from grammar-translation to suggestopedia, recent approaches to teaching emphesise the learner's needs and communicative function of a language.
There is a great opportunity to use language communicatively in games, moreover, they offer a natural context for students' communication in a spontanieous, agreeable, relaxed atmoshere. In such an atmosphere students want to speak, they are not afraid of failures, they forget about frustration and stress. They want to win a game and it motivates them.
One of the disadvantages of games is that there is much noise in the classroom, but this doesn't mean that the students do not learn in this way. Teacher can always controll the noise level.
Games are fun and unpredictable and this features can make students excited about the activities. Children and adults like playing games. The lessons are not boring. Games lower the distance between students and teachers. There are more advantages of using games than disadvantages so this is why teachers should use games while teaching a foreign language.

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