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Numer: 1487
Dział: Języki obce

Phrasal verbs by adverb ( off, up)

Szkoła ponadgimnazjalna


LANGUAGE LEVEL: upper-intermediate
DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP: a group of 15 students at the age of 17. The classes take place three times a week. The students are rather enthusistic and lively. They are also well-motivated.
TEACHING AIDS: a set of sentences with phrasal verbs by adverb off, blackboard, chalk

The aim of the lesson is to teach the students PHRASAL VERBS by adverb ( off, up)
Time: 45 minutes

Contents of the lesson

1. Brainstorming activity
The teacher asks the students to list all the phrasal verbs that they can think of with the adverb participles off and up.The teacher writes down the students’ examples ( stand up, cut off, etc.)

2. I must dash off - teaching the phrasal verbs with off
Students work in pairs.They are given a set of sentences with phrasal verbs with off and they are asked to group the phrasals into four groups:
Group 1: off for ‘moving away’ or ‘separation’
Group 2: off for ‘stopping’ ( electricity, water,arrangements, activities )
Group 3: off for ‘ going to sleep’
Group 4: off for ‘ not at work’.
They are aslo asked to find one phrasal verb which does not fit into any of the groups.
a) I must dash off. I’m in a hurry.
b) Grandad’s dropped off to sleep in the armchair.
c) I’m taking the morning off work to go to the dentist’s.
d) Would you like me to drop you off at the station?
e) They stole the car and drove off before I could get a good look at them.
f) I get work at five –thirty. I could meet you then.
g) George dozed off on the bus and missed his stop.
h) The cooker’s gone off. There must be a power cut.
i) Ugh! Just smell the milk. It’s gone off.

The teacher provides the students with the correct answers afterwords.

3. He gave up hope- phrasal verb with up
Students work in pairs, A and B. Student A finds all the phrasal verbs that mean ‘getting bigger’ , or ‘more’ in some way. Example: Blow up this baloon for me, please. Student B finds all the phrasal verbs that mean ‘stopping’ or ‘completing an action’.Example:
I gave up smoking last year.
Students A and B get a copy of sentences:
a) Prices are going up.
b) He gave up hope.
c) The goverment will put taxes up.
d) I grew up in London.
e) Do that parcel up, please.
f) He was brought up by his grandparents.
g) School brakes up in June.
h) Let’s load the car up.
i) It’s time to wrap the presents up.
j) They beat him up.
k) Shut up!( not polite)
l) Sit by the fire and warm up.
m) She looks unhappy. Let’s cheer her up.
n) Zip your dress up.
o) Turn the sound up.
p) The hotel is booked up.
q) Clean the room up.
r) Fold your clothes up and put them away.
The reacher provides the students with the correct answers.

4. Sentence completion
Students are asked to complete sentences with a phrasal verb with the participle off.
1. The director is ill, so the meeting can’t take place.
We will have to ---------- it-------.
2. You don’t need to catch the bus.
I’ll--------you--------on my way to work.
3. I didn’t recognize you. Where is your moustache?
When did you ------it ---------?
4. I was taking to Jonathan on the phone.
The minute I------ ------, I thought of something else I wanted to say.

5. English in situations
The students are asked to prepare short conversations using the phrasal verbs with off and up .They work in pairs
Situations for pairs:
a) One of you is buying either furniture, or a new hi-fi or some stereo equipment, or a new car or motorbike.The other person is the shop assistant.
b) You have just taken your boss out to dinner.At the end of a three-course meal you realize you have no money, no chequebook, no credit cards and no means of identification on you.The other person is the manager of the restaurant.
c) Your car has just run out of petrol.The other person stops to ask what is wrong.

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